Robert Webb on gender conditioning (or, the way you’re told how to behave because of what’s in your pants) – from the number one bestseller How Not To Be a Boy.

Supernormal cover

Meg Jay talks to Robin Ince on Book Shambles about her book Supernormal, adversity and resilience.

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If you haven’t yet listened to the Guardian’s new podcast The Start, about artistic beginnings, then you’re missing out. Our own Lemn Sissay was on talking about his poem ‘Invisible Kisses’, the early relationship that inspired it, and how as a child he was separated from his mother and his name. You can listen to the full episode, and the poem itself is included in Gold from the Stone.

We animated the cover for Sal by Mick Kitson! Illustration by Robert Hunter, voiceover from the audiobook, expertly read by Sharon Rooney.