The Sick Bag Song cover

The Sick Bag Song by Nick Cave

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For Mulderrig is a place like no other. Here the colours are a little bit brighter and the sky is a little bit wider. Here the trees are as old as the mountains and a clear river runs into the sea


Jess Kidd

Watch the trailer for What Happened Miss Simone? on Netflix

Canongate’s own Jamie Byng interview’s Gil Scott-Heron in 2010. This year would have marked Gil’s 68th birthday. His posthumously published, indelible memoir The Last Holiday is now a Canon.

Sun, 26 Aug 17:00
Baillie Gifford Main Theatre, Edinburgh

Under the penname Ambrose Parry, Chris Brookmyre and Maria Haetzman launch their new novel, The Way of All Flesh, at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. 

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Sat, 25 Aug 17:30
Baillie Gifford Corner Theatre, Edinburgh

Gina Miller discusses self-censorship, political silencing, and her book Rise at the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

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Things have harmonics, and if you’re true to an idea as much as you can be, then the harmonics will be there and they’ll be truthful even though they may be abstract.

Room to Dream

David Lynch & Kristine McKenna

Drive cover

An extract from the audiobook of the New York Times bestseller, read by the author. Daniel H. Pink’s Drive shows that our intuitive notions of how to motivate others – and ourselves – can be very wrong.

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Dragon's Green cover

An extract from the audiobook of Dragon’s Green by Scarlett Thomas, the first in the thrilling and magical Worldquake Sequence. From the audiobook read by Roger Allam.

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Thanks for the danceIt was hell, it was swell, it was fun Thanks for all the dances One two three, one two three one

The Flame

Leonard Cohen

If a friend lets you down – perhaps by moving away for work and not answering your texts any more – you can take revenge FSB-style by organising a reunion and slipping a fast-acting laxative into their pasta.