Scarlett Thomas talks about her process for writing a Worldquake book…

In the heart of the Green Belt nothing seemed to move. Stranded in the past, it wrestled with the present, and hated the future. And there I was, stuck with it.

Another Planet

Tracey Thorn

If everybody lived a life like mine, there would be no need for novels

Albert Einstein Speaking

R.J. Gadney

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All the words that follow are my yearning to make some sense out of the American darkness that disconnects colored fathers from sons, a darkness in which sons and fathers lose track of one another.

Writing to Save a Life

John Edgar Wideman

You might think you know about Father Christmas. And I'm sure you do know some things. You probably know about the Toy Workshop and the reindeer. But the thing you probably don't know about is me...

Father Christmas and Me

Matt Haig

When the waves faded out on the far side of the stream, Kenn felt the great silence that lay upon the world and stood in the midst of it trembling like a hunted hare.

Highland River

Neil M. Gunn

When Apollo was born, Brian and Lillian thought they'd reached the end of their story but they'd been wrong. The wildness had only begun.

The Changeling

Victor LaValle

He could see the furniture, the curtain across the bed, his mother and father, the decorations and through it all, vaguely, the buildings, the night. And hung there, shimmering, in that room he could never enter, the tinsel garland that would never tarnish.

Its Colours They Are Fine

Alan Spence

I've always believed in standing up for what I think is right. I've always believed in speaking up when other voices are silent. I've always believed in refusing to be cowed by those who shout over you, who want you to go away, who think that just by dragging you through the mud, you will break.


Gina Miller

You are meant to be frightened when you see a ghost but I was not frightened because it felt completely normal which is weird because I had never seen a ghost before. He was just standing there behind the smoke of Big Vics cigar and he was looking at me and not scared of my eyes like everyone else was.

The Dead Fathers Club

Matt Haig

I have to tell you how it was, exactly as I saw it, because this was the end and the start of everything, wasn't it? So come on, Terence, get on with it, you don't have all day.

The Possession of Mr Cave

Matt Haig