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The Sick Bag Song cover

The Sick Bag Song by Nick Cave

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For Mulderrig is a place like no other. Here the colours are a little bit brighter and the sky is a little bit wider. Here the trees are as old as the mountains and a clear river runs into the sea


Jess Kidd

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Canongate’s own Jamie Byng interview’s Gil Scott-Heron in 2010. This year would have marked Gil’s 68th birthday. His posthumously published, indelible memoir The Last Holiday is now a Canon.

My life had become nothing to brag about, only something to survive, and for that I had no one to blame but myself

Idiot Wind

Peter Kaldheim

When I was a child in Scotland, I was fond of everything that was wild, and all my life I've been growing fonder and fonder of wild places and wild creatures.

The Story of My Boyhood and Youth

John Muir

Kagiso dealt in ideals; it had never occurred to him that others might trade in vengeance.

The Burning Land

George Alagiah

Names tell stories, especially place-names, and sometimes they even move, taking their history with them.

To the Island of Tides

Alistair Moffat

In a refugee camp, stories are everything. Everyone has one, having just slipped out from the grip of a nightmare.

The Ungrateful Refugee

Dina Nayeri

He was many men and no man at all. He was a hysterical little bundle of possibilities that could never come true.

The Man With the Golden Arm

Nelson Algren

It all had an irksome feeling of déjà vu. This had happened to me in a fashion before - but at least this time I had a working phone and we were below the snow-line.


Dan Richards

He sums things up, laying the hand over the cold, inert torso lying in the grass: this one's dead and I'm alive, so I'd better get out of here


Every morning when I wake up, I'm always surprised, sometimes crestfallen, to have been spat out again, tender and bruised and somehow a little less.


Remember this: if, in the act of creation, you find yourself, just for a moment, losing all sense of time and being lifted up into a great, all-embracing 'Yes!' . . . you have found the place where creation takes wing

Dancing with the Gods

Kent Nerburn