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The Sick Bag Song by Nick Cave

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For Mulderrig is a place like no other. Here the colours are a little bit brighter and the sky is a little bit wider. Here the trees are as old as the mountains and a clear river runs into the sea


Jess Kidd

Watch the trailer for What Happened Miss Simone? on Netflix

Canongate’s own Jamie Byng interview’s Gil Scott-Heron in 2010. This year would have marked Gil’s 68th birthday. His posthumously published, indelible memoir The Last Holiday is now a Canon.

Wed, 23 May 20:00
Brighton Dome Concert Hall, Brighton

David Shrigley will present an illustrated talk about his work containing numerous rambling anecdotes. It will not be in the slightest bit boring: he has signed a written agreement to this effect, signed in his own blood.

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Fri, 11 May 10:00
St James' Church, Chipping Campden

Richard Holloway, one of the most important and beloved religious leaders of our time, presents a positive, meditative and profound exploration of the many important lessons we can learn from death.

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Scarlett Thomas talks about her process for writing a Worldquake book…

No wonder as teenagers we were so afraid of ending up like that, of turning into our mothers. No wonder we looked at suburbia and wanted to burn it down.