Almost Everything

Notes on Hope

Anne Lamott

Here is everything I know about almost everything, that i think applies to almost everyone, that might help you someday.
Almost Everything by Anne Lamott (Paperback ISBN 9781786898531) book cover

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This New York Times bestseller teaches us to rediscover hope in a world which seems dark and uncertain

Despair and uncertainty surround us: in the news, in our families, and in ourselves. But even when life is at its bleakest, Anne Lamott shows how we can rediscover the hope and wisdom that are buried within us and that can make life sweeter than we ever imagined. Divided into short chapters that explore life’s essential truths, Almost Everything pinpoints these moments of insight and, with warmth and humour, offers a path forward.

“I keep learning a lot from the clear and great Annie Lamott. I think you will, too”
Gloria Steinem

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“Anne Lamott is a cause for celebration. [Her] real genius lies in capturing the ineffable, describing not perfect moments, but imperfect ones … perfectly. She is nothing short of miraculous”
new Yorker

“That is what the wise and wonderful Anne Lamott considers with uncommon self-awareness and generosity of insight throughout Almost Everything: Notes on Hope – the small, enormously soul-salving book that gave us Lamott on love, despair, and our capacity for change”
brain Pickings

“Anne Lamott has a rare talent for making writing look easy … Given the warmth, liveliness and intimacy of her prose, time with one of her books can feel like a visit with a friend”
wall Street Journal

“Like a feminist C.S. Lewis, [Lamott] talks about God, politics and other unmentionables, and gently exhorts her readers, as she does herself, to find joy in a bleak and chaotic world: a leftie guru of optimism”
new York Times

Anne Lamott

Anne Lamott is the New York Times bestselling author of a number of non-fiction books, including Help, Thanks, Wow; Small Victories; Stitches and Bird by Bird. She is also the author of several novels, including Imperfect Birds and Rosie. A past recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship and an inductee to the California Hall of Fame, she lives in Northern California.