The Minotaur Takes A Cigarette Break

Steven Sherrill

The Minotaur Takes A Cigarette Break by Steven Sherrill (eBook ISBN 9781847676993) book cover

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Five thousand years on - and the Minotaur, or M as he is known to his colleagues, is working as a line chef at Grub’s Rib in Carolina, keeping to himself, keeping his horns down, trying in vain to put his past behind him. He leads an ordered lifestyle in a shabby trailer park where he tinkers with cars, writes and re-writes to-do lists and observes the haphazard goings on around him. Outwardly controlled, M tries to hide his emotional turmoil as he is transported deeper into the human world of deceit, confusion and need.

“A wry, melancholy, beautiful first novel.”

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“This is the most surreal slab of realism you will read all year. Unique and rather wonderful.”

“Sherrill is a beautiful writer … he finds the drama to keep you reading, your heart in your mouth, to the conclusion’s defiant roar of hope.”
daily Telegraph

“Exceptional …Steven Sherrill uses M as the vehicle for a finely observed and compassionate portrayal of humanity in all its guises.”
irish Independent

“Sherrill’s narrative, with its dreamlike pace, shows myth coexisting with reality as naturally as it does in ancient epic.”
publisher’s Weekly

Steven Sherrill

STEVEN SHERRILL is an Assistant Professor of English at Penn State, Altoona, earned an MFA in Poetry from Iowa Writers’ Workshop and was the recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship for Fiction in 2002. His work has appeared in Best American Poetry, The Kenyon Review and The Georgia Review. He lives in Pennsylvania.