Evie and the Animals by Matt Haig

We’re planting trees

(thanks to you!)

Evie cares about the Amazon Rainforest – and so do we! For every 10 copies of the paperback of Evie and the Animals sold between 20 February 2020 and 20 March 2020, Canongate Books will plant one tree in Evie’s beloved Amazon Rainforest with not-for-profit organisation One Tree Planted. This means that every paperback of Evie and the Animals bought within the first month of publication in the UK goes towards planting trees – what’s not to love?! We imagine that you may have a few questions so have popped a few FAQs below.

Why have you chosen to plant trees in the Amazon Rainforest?

We have chosen to plant trees in the Amazon Rainforest because we learn in Evie and the Animals that Evie used to live there. It was also where her mother worked, trying to save the jungle creatures. Evie visits the Amazon Rainforest again in Evie in the Jungle.

How will you know how many copies have been sold?

We will use Nielsen Bookscan to calculate how many copies of Evie and the Animals have been sold within the UK in paperback in the first month of publication. Nielsen Bookscan tracks sales of physical books (i.e. not eBook or Audio book) through till points at almost all bookshops in the UK.

Why have you chosen
One Tree Planted?

One Tree Planted are a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to working with reforestation partners on the ground in the Amazon Rainforest to ensure 80-90% tree survival rates. The partners choose the best tree species to plant and work with local communities to get them in the ground. Once all the trees are planted, they will send out a report highlighting the impact of these new trees.

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