It sounded to me that to be a gentleman, you needed both manners and bravery. And that thought was horribly fascinating. Because I thought only wimps needed manners. And only tough guys were brave

How Not To Be a Boy

Robert Webb

Lee Camp of Redacted Tonight VIP interviews the brilliant author and filmmaker Raoul Martinez. Martinez’s new book “Creating Freedom” covers so many important issues facing our society…

Raoul Martinez talks freedom at Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin.

Raoul Martinez’s keynote speech on Brexit and democracy at The Convention.

Creating Freedom cover

Raoul Martinez is interviewed on Book Shambles (a.k.a. the most endearing, entertaining books podcast around).

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Watch this animation of Dan Pink’s RSA talk

Watch Dan Pink discuss the changing nature of sales. From the new ABCs of sales, to the six successors to the the elevator pitch, to the surprising truth about moving others, one message is clear: we’re all in sales now.

Watch the Life of Pi official film trailer.

I am old. That is the first thing to tell you. The thing you are least likely to believe. If you saw me you would probably think I was about forty, but you would be very wrong.

How to Stop Time

Matt Haig

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Watch Dominic Dromgoole and actors from the Globe to Globe tour discuss the book.

Simon’s Cat Off to the Vet film preview