Dogs like to talk. We are talking all the time, non-stop. To each other, to humans, to ourselves. Talk, talk, talk . . . During every sniff, every bark, every crotch nuzzle, every spray of a lamppost, we are speaking our minds. So if you want the truth, ask the dog

The Last Family in England

Matt Haig

Negotiations aren't the final round in about to determine winner and loser; they are a process

The Kremlin School of Negotiation

Igor Ryzov

All actions have consequences. This is how life goes.

This Is How

M.J. Hyland

Video: Introducing Gilliamesque

One day I will be in the Guinness Book of Records... I don't see the point of living unless there is something I can do better than anyone else can.

Carry Me Down

M.J. Hyland

Alasdair Gray interviewed by the BBC in 2007 on his introduction to art and books.