A Life in Four Books

Alasdair Gray

But I do enjoy words—some words—for their own sake! Words like river, and dawn, and daylight, and time. These words seem much richer than our experiences of the things they represent
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‘The best Scottish novelist since Sir Walter Scott’ ANTHONY BURGESSThis cornerstone epic is now available as a beautiful canon with an introduction by William Boyd

Lanark, a modern vision of hell, is set in the disintegrating cities of Unthank and Glasgow, and tells the interwoven stories of Lanark and Duncan Thaw. A work of extraordinary imagination and wide range, its playful narrative techniques convey a profound message, both personal and political, about humankind’s inability to love, and yet our compulsion to go on trying.
Widely recognised as a modern classic, Alasdair Gray’s magnum opus was first published in 1981 and immediately established him as one of Britain’s leading writers. Comparisons have been made to Dante, Blake, Joyce, Orwell, Kafka, Huxley and Lewis Carroll. This timely new edition should cement his reputation as one of our greatest living writers.

“I was absolutely knocked out by Lanark. I think it’s the best in Scottish literature this century”
Iain Banks

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“Probably the greatest novel of the century … it marked the beginning of a new era”
James Campbell

“It was time Scotland produced a shattering work of fiction in the modern idiom. This is it … [Gray is] the best Scottish novelist since Sir Walter Scott”
Anthony Burgess

“When dawn comes up and retires in dismay, we find ourselves in the presence of an overpowering surreal imagination. A saga of a city where reality is about as reliable as a Salvador Dali watch”
Brian Aldiss

“A quite extraordinary achievement, the most remarkable thing in Scottish fiction for a very long time. It has changed the landscape”
Allan Massie
the Scotsman

Alasdair Gray

Since 1981, when Lanark was published by Canongate, Alasdair Gray has published twenty books, most of them novels and short stories. In his own words, ‘Alasdair Gray is a fat, spectacled, balding, increasingly old Glaswegian pedestrian who has mainly lived by writing and designing books, most of them fiction.’