Watch Josh Jelly-Schapiro introduce Island People from Cuba

Watch the trailer for Doctor Who series 10, starring Matt Lucas as Nardole

I've inferred, I've hedged, I've denied, but I've never told the full story to the public, or the press, and that is what I intend to do. For the first time, I will explain "I am Luka."


She will say I am sorry and Valerie will say none of it was your fault, it was all his, I believe you. No reply. She has to leave a message because phones are not allowed in prison and Valerie is visiting Solomon.

The Half Sister

Catherine Chanter

Watch Rick Gekoski introducing his debut novel Darke

He is walking along with his parents, tears a lion limb from limb with his bare hands, and says nothing. Why is he silent?

Lion's Honey

David Grossman

Fifteen winters, night upon night, and a woman warm and welcoming to her body feet like ice, hands and arms like ice; he thought of such love and sighed.

Wait Until Spring, Bandini

John Fante

This is a journal of journeys, urban excursions which take place both now and then, in times plural and space singular; one city, many cities.

London Made Us

Robert Elms