When you think about it – every person’s like a museum of their life

Orphans of the Carnival

Carol Birch

You know what surprises me? I’m surprised that you didn’t fall in love with me the very first time you saw me. Life is full of surprises

The Peanuts Guide to Love

Charles M. Schulz

Kate Grenville introduces One Life

The most immense thing about beauty is finding it gone

On Love

Charles Bukowski

As children, my brothers and I dreaded nothing quite as much as a solo drive with my father. His ability to say precisely not one thing to us during an entire journey of several hours was breathtaking

My Old Man

Our clinic is full of action, drama, glamour and movie magic: car chases, heroes who survive ridiculous injuries, real-life accidents on set. Go on, collect a ticket at reception. The Movie Doctors will attend to you shortly

The Movie Doctors

Simon Mayo & Mark Kermode