The Comfort Book

Matt Haig

The Comfort Book by Matt Haig (Paperback ISBN 9781786898326) book cover

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The instant number one bestseller. Reflections on hope, survival and the messy miracle of being alive from the bestselling author of The Midnight Library

‘Profound, witty and uplifting’ Observer
‘Full of eloquent, cogent and positive reminders of the beauty of life’ Independent

The Comfort Book is a collection of consolations learned in hard times and suggestions for making the bad days better. Drawing on maxims, memoir and the inspirational lives of others, these meditations offer new ways of seeing ourselves and the world.

This is the book to pick up when you need the wisdom of a friend, the comfort of a hug or a reminder that hope comes from unexpected places.

“Full of eloquent, cogent and positive reminders of the beauty of life … Will prove enormously sustaining and valuable to a lot of people … Genuinely uplifting … Haig is a sensitive, introspective and thoughtful guide to the human dilemmas that affect us all”

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The Comfort Book, a collection of aphorisms and inspirational stories of survival against the odds, is a guide to living and finding hope in these disjointed times”

“The literary equivalent of a steaming hot chocolate on a chilly day … The ideal read for dipping into whenever you need a pick-me-up or change of perspective”

“Profound, witty and uplifting, and a stirring testament to hope and the imagination”

“Pick up this book any time you’re in need of a boost of positivity, calm and – as it says on the cover – comfort”

Matt Haig

Matt Haig has written a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction. This includes the novels The Humans, How to Stop Time and The Midnight Library, several children’s books and the memoir Reasons to Stay Alive.

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It’s Okay. A message brought to you by The Comfort Book from number one bestseller Matt Haig.