The Ice House

Tim Clare

‘You said the War ended decades ago.’ The angel darkens to a silhouette. Ice crystals form in the vapour rising from his shoulders, hardening into wings. ‘Oh Hagar.’ His voice shrinks to a whisper. ‘War doesn’t end. It sleeps.'
The Ice House by Tim Clare (Paperback ISBN 9781786894823) book cover

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‘A strangely beautiful, beautifully strange fantasy’ (SFX) about endless life, cheating death and staying true to what matters most from ‘one of the UK’s most versatile writers(Grazia)

War doesn’t end. It sleeps.

Delphine Venner remembers everything. She remembers what it is to be a child of war, and what the terrifying creatures from another world took from her all those years ago.

And in that other world, Avalonia, someone waits for Delphine. Hagar, a centuries-old assassin, daily paying a terrible price for her unending youth, is planning one final death, the death that will cost her everything. The death which requires Delphine.

In the battle to destroy an ageless evil, Delphine must remember who she is and be ready to fight once more, as war reawakens.

“Told in rich, allusive prose, The Ice House is a leisurely meditation on good and evil – Lovecraft done with the eye and sensitivity of a poet”

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“A strangely beautiful, beautifully strange fantasy”

”Tim Clare is a hell of a writer”
Gareth L. Powell, Author Of The Embers Of War Series

The Ice House is a fantasy tale that shines with originality … A spellbinding read”
the Skinny

”An incredible imaginative achievement. A visceral and pensive ode to the English imagination, etched by a virtuosic Jack Frost on the blade of Christina Rossetti’s secret fruit knife”
Naomi Foyle, Author Of The Gaia Chronicles

Tim Clare

Tim Clare is a writer, poet and musician. He won Best Biography/Memoir at the East Anglian Book Awards for his first book, We Can’t All Be Astronauts, while his fiction debut, The Honours, was longlisted for the Desmond Elliott Prize. He has performed his work at festivals and clubs across the world, on BBC TV and radio. Tim has also written for the Guardian, The Times, the Independent and the Big Issue, and presents the fiction writing podcast Death Of 1,000 Cuts.

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