Little Me

My autobiography

Matt Lucas

I’ve decided to open with ‘Hello’, and then, even if you don’t care for anything that comes after that, at least you’ll say I was well mannered
Little Me by Matt Lucas (Paperback ISBN 9781786892508) book cover

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The hilarious, heart-warming and tear-jerking memoir from one of Britain’s best-loved comedians and actors, Matt Lucas

This is the story of little me, from pudgy, awkward child to pudgy, slightly less awkward adult – via school musicals, adolescent angst, stand-up, Shooting Stars, Little Britain, Doctor Who, love, loss, wigs and giant pink babygros. And, in case your attention span is as short as mine, it comes in a handy A to Z format. So B is for Baldy! (yes, people did shout this at me in the playground), G is for Gay (because I’m an actual real life gay) and I is for Idiot (I was born a berk. I probably even stubbed my toe on the way out).

It will warm your heart, make you snort out loud in public and there’s even a catchy song in the middle. What I’m saying is, please buy this book. It is VERY good. I know I’m biased because I wrote it but it is.

“To be truly unique in this world is almost impossible to achieve; this book is about someone who achieved it. Raw, honest, funny and moving”
James Corden

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“A great read … it contains a wit and an emotional acuity far above the norm”
Dominic Maxwell
the Times

“Classy [and] elegant”

“Grief isn’t the point here. Rather, the book is warmth and joy”
sunday Times

“If you are looking for a celebrity biography that’s honest, funny, cheeky and a really good read, I can recommend Little Me from A-Z
sunday Post

Matt Lucas

Matt Lucas is an award-winning comedian, actor and writer.

He started his comedy career in the early nineties, working with Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer on The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer and Shooting Stars, where he played giant baby George Dawes, but discovered major success with co-star David Walliams in Little Britain and Come Fly With Me, for which they won three BAFTAs, three NTAs and two International Emmy Awards.

Matt received much praise for his work on stage in Les Miserables and has since gone on to feature in many successful films and TV shows, including Alice in Wonderland, Bridesmaids, Paddington, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and now Doctor Who.

Matt Lucas visited West End Lane Books to see his autobiography Little Me: My Life from A–Z out in the wild. If he can just find where they’ve put it…

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