Penguin Bloom

The Odd Little Bird Who Saved a Family

Cameron Bloom & Bradley Trevor Greive

We are all so much more than the sum of our fragile parts. We are all our journeys, hopes and dreams, clad in mortal wrapping paper.
Penguin Bloom by Cameron Bloom, Bradley Trevor Greive (Paperback ISBN 9781782119814) book cover

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The No.1 International Bestseller - a life-affirming true story of how a magpie chick helped one family overcome tragedy

They saved a little bird …
And in return she saved them too

After a near-fatal fall left Sam Bloom paralysed, no one - not her husband Cameron, nor their three boys - could reach her in the darkest days of her struggle. But everything changed when a new member of the family unexpectedly landed in their lives: an injured magpie chick abandoned after she fell from her nest, whom they named Penguin Bloom.

Powerful and tender, Penguin Bloom is a beautifully written account of how compassion, friendship and family can come from unexpected places.

“See how a feathered friend touched the lives of a whole family”
daily Mail

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“Very special … A delight”
daily Express

“Stunning … A gorgeous book”
good Housekeeping

“A wonderful true tale of tragedy and hope and a rather miraculous little bird. It will warm any heart”
Matt Haig

Cameron Bloom & Bradley Trevor Greive

Photographer Cameron Bloom began his career as a surf photographer at the age of 16. Since then Cameron’s travel, editorial, commercial and artistic work have been featured in many international publications, including the New York Times, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and Gourmet Traveller.

Writer Bradley Trevor Greive was born in Tasmania and is the author of the New York Times bestselling The Blue Day Book. He is also an internationally respected wildlife expert and TV presenter. @penguinthemagpie

An injured magpie chick helped hold the Bloom family together after a tragic accident: read their moving story in Penguin Bloom.