Sunset Song

Lewis Grassic Gibbon

For she’d met with books, she went into them to a magic land far from Echt, out and away and south
Sunset Song by Lewis Grassic Gibbon (Paperback ISBN 9781838851972) book cover

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The Scottish masterpiece – introduced by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon

Twice Voted Scotland’s Favourite Book

‘Left me scorched’ Ali Smith
‘Unforgettable’ Guardian

Faced with a choice between a harsh farming life and the world of books and learning, Chris Guthrie chooses to remain in her rural community, bound by her intense love of the land. But everything changes with the arrival of the First World War and Chris finds her land altered beyond recognition.

One of the greatest and most heartbreaking love stories ever told„ Sunset Song offers a powerful portrait of a land and people in turmoil.

Sunset Song’s great gripping hybrid of melodrama and realism … left me scorched”
Ali Smith

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“If this new edition is prompting you to re-read Sunset Song after many years, as I have just done, you will find it has lost none of its appeal and emotion. And if you are about to read this remarkable novel for the first time, you are embarking on a profound journey”
Nicola Sturgeon

“Portrayed with a lyrical intensity that echoes through the years and still resonates today”
new York Times

“An unforgettable evocation of a way of life that has slipped away … It is a love song for a landscape and language still familiar – and precious – to a generation born long after [Grassic-Gibbon] died … Chris is one of the great women of 20th-century fiction”

“Chris Guthrie is the most passionate and appealing heroine in Scottish literature; Grassic Gibbon’s magnificent novel is fresh, powerful and timeless”
Anne Donovan

Lewis Grassic Gibbon

Lewis Grassic Gibbon (1901–35) is the pen-name of James Leslie Mitchell. Born and brought up in the rich farming land of North East Scotland, he was a prolific writer of novels, short stories and essays and had seventeen full-length books published before his untimely death at the age of thirty-three. He is today recognised as one of the outstanding figures in Scottish literature, most famous for A Scots Quair, the trilogy of novels which begins with Sunset Song.

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