The Complete Peanuts 1953-1954

Volume 2

Charles M. Schulz

The Complete Peanuts 1953-1954 by Charles M. Schulz (Hardback ISBN 9781847670328) book cover

Available as Hardback

With an introduction by Walter Cronkite

In addition to introducing the beloved character Pig-Pen, The Complete Peanuts: 1953-1954 shows many of the cast of characters beginning to take on their best-known personality traits - from Linus’s philosophical thoughtfulness to Lucy’s fussiness, as well as Snoopy’s emerging eccentricity.

This volume also features an essay on Schulz by the legendary broadcaster Walter Cronkite, a biography of Schulz, and the popular index to characters, objects and themes!

Charles M. Schulz

The creator of beloved cartoon Peanuts, CHARLES SCHULZ was an innovative genius of American comics and also the marathon man, drawing panel after four-square panel, year after year, creating a fantasy world that connected to kids as well as adults and all based on powerful iconic characters who express deep feelings of loneliness and resentment and despair…We remember him with love and admiration and gratitude for his gifts and his heroic endurance.” -Garrison Keillor

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