12 April 2021

As of today bookshops in England and Wales will begin to welcome customers back (and on the 26th bookshops in Scotland will do the same)! Of all the things we've missed during lockdown, high among them has been the pleasure of browsing a good bookshop.⁠ So this seems like a good moment to say: bless bookshops and all who sail in them. Choose Bookshops!⁠

We’ve joined with The Bookseller and other publishers to celebrate bookshops with the hashtag #ChooseBookshops, and to mark the occasion we commissioned the above illustration from the extremely talented Kristyna Baczynski. If you would like to show your support of bookshops, you can post it on any part of social media or any other corner of the internet: just download it here.

When your local bookshop reopens and you visit, remember that this is likely still a difficult and stressful time for the people who work there, and be extra considerate. (I'm sure you would be!) And remember that lots of bookshops can take orders online, by email or by phone! Visit their website, and remember to choose bookshops.