The Middle of the Book Song

from the middle of Little Me: My Life from A–Z by Matt Lucas

(download the song as an MP3)

I think I’ll take a moment,

I wouldn’t mind a break,

Perhaps I’ll venture out and paint the town.

I’ve been droning on and on

About myself for hours now,

I might just go and have a quick lie-down.

For we’re midway through this memoir and I need to pause,

We haven’t even got yet to the bit about George Dawes.

But it’s the Middle of the Book,

We’re halfway through the A to Zee,

And now I sing this song, you see,

So you can make a cup of tea

Because we’re at the middle of me.

Too late to get a refund,

Too soon to say goodbye,

Just give it five and then we can restart.

We’ve still a way to go,

There’s lots to talk about, I know,

I’ve made a list of what I must impart.

So if you like to read those books about the biz,

There’s Doctor Who and Pompidou and don’t forget Les Mis.

But first the Middle of the Book

Is here – it’s plain for all to see,

And we halt momentarily

In case you need to do a wee,

Because we’re at the middle of me.

So have a cheeky ciggy,

Or bring the washing in,

Or maybe you should go and Skype your mum.

Some exercise would do you good,

The dog needs taking out,

But hurry back because there’s more to come…