Clear Light

Alan Spence

Clear Light by Alan Spence (Paperback ISBN 9781841956640) book cover

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150 haiku bursting with Alan Spence’s characteristic verve and wit.

Clear Light contains 150 haiku bursting with Alan Spence’s characteristic verve and wit.

Mythic and mesmerising, inspiring and hilarious, these poems shed clear light on the delights, hardships, breakthroughs and frustrations of the world of the momentary.

Simple in form, these haiku request a fresh look at the familiar and leave us reeling at how much in the world, from the exotic to the everyday, we have yet to observe.

“One of Scotland’s most accomplished literary talents.Alan’s poems are glorious. Sharp, clear-eyed, seasonal, cyclical, devastatingly sensuous little moments that catch the heart with intimations of the whole big thing of being alive, here, now. So precise they make you want to sneeze, or laugh. A joy and a delight.”
Liz Lochead

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“He is a gentle writer, but never sentimental. The beautiful moments have always been earned. He is a writer to cherish, one offering deep and fulfilling pleasures.”
Allan Massie

“Spence is a calm and necessary visionary … This is Spence in essence, all openness of instinct and imagination.”
Ali Smith

Alan Spence

Alan Spence is an award winning poet, playwright, novelist and short story writer. His awards include the Glenfiddich Spirit of Scotland Award, the Macallan Short Story Prize and the McVitie Prize for Scottish Writer of the Year. He is Professor in Creative Writing at the University of Aberdeen, where he is also Artistic Director of the annual WORD Festival.

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