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Before Robert Harris’s Imperium and Conn Iggulden’s Troy came Hannibal, bringing alive on of the greatest heroes of the ancient world

A battle is like lust. The frenzy passes. Consequence remains.
Hannibal is an epic vision of one of history’s greatest adventurers, the almost mythical man who most famously led his soldiers on elephants over the Alps. In Ross Leckie’s unforgettable re-creation of the Punic wars, it is Hannibal, the Carthaginian general, who narrates the story, and who is carried by his all-consuming ambition through profoundly bloody battles against the great Roman armies of early empire.
In this breathtaking chronicle of love and hate, heroism and cruelty, one of humanity’s greatest adventurers is brought to life, who learns through suffering that man is but a shadow of a dream.

“A tremendous story told with great verve and gusto. Compelling and convincing, this is a truly remarkable novel in the class of I, Claudius.”
Allan Massie

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“In Leckie’s descriptions it’s possible to smell the stench of sweat and fear, hear the roars of warhorses and elephants, see the blood-stained armour. Informative and utterly compelling.”
the Times

“Its triumph is to bring the world of Carthage to life again. -“
James Michie,

Ross Leckie

Ross Leckie is the author of the trilogy of historical novels, Hannibal, Scipio and Carthage, and of Aristotle’s Alchemy. He lives in Edinburgh.