The Optimist

One Man's Search for the Brighter Side of Life

Laurence Shorter

The Optimist by Laurence Shorter (eBook ISBN 9781847674227) book cover

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The hilarious story of one man’s search for optimism - the perfect antidote to the January Blues

Collapsing stock markets, melting ice caps, floods, tornadoes, terrorism … When it comes to bad news, we’ve never had it so good. Perhaps it is time to be a little more optimistic? That’s what Laurence Shorter decided. And that’s why he set himself the challenge of meeting the world’s most cheerful people. Surely with the help of Desmond Tutu, Richard Branson and Bill Clinton, Laurence can find the secret to inner happiness. But first things first - how on Earth is he going to get to meet them?

“If you’re feeling pessimistic about the year ahead, this book does cheer you up.”
sunday Times

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“Witty writer … restore[s] a little faith in humanity’s future.”
financial Times

“Shorter is a snappy writer - fast, compelling, sympathetic and seemingly honest.”

“Deliciously quirky and enormously funny, it brims over with the sort of joie de vivre that would brighten the darkest day.”
good Book Guide

“Amusing and intriguing.”
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Laurence Shorter

Laurence Shorter worked in the business world for a decade before making the move into writing and comedy in 2001. Since then he has done a one-man show at the Edinburgh Festival, written for the BBC, Channel 4, the Independent, Observer and, and toured some of the capital’s finest pubs as a comedy dancer. With his focus on the world of therapy and spiritual development he is taken seriously by a growing number of cultural commentators, including his father, his father’s girlfriend and their brain-damaged cat. Laurence was born in New York and raised in Edinburgh. Today he lives in South London, though he was recently seen trying to escape on a small bicycle.