I'm A Lebowski, You're A Lebowski

Life, The Big Lebowski and What-Have-You

Bill Green, Ben Peskoe, Will Russell & Scott Shuffitt

I'm A Lebowski, You're A Lebowski by Bill Green, Ben Peskoe, Will Russell, Scott Shuffitt (Paperback ISBN 9781841959399) book cover

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In 1998, the Coen Brothers followed the global success of their smash hit Fargo with a rambling tale of lies, corruption and bowling in early 90s LA - The Big Lebowski. It flopped at the box office. But in the years that followed, the movie took on a life of its own, spawning a culture of quotable lines, White Russians and even Lebowski Fest, an annual event attracting thousands of Big Lebowski die-hards. In I’m a Lebowski, You’re a Lebowski (‘That’s terrific’) the curators of Lebowski Fest offer the complete guide to one of the few true cult movies of the last twenty years, with photographs, real locations and interviews with the stars of the film, including John Turturro, John Goodman and Julianne Moore - and a foreword by the Dude himself, Jeff Bridges. The book also contains a glossary, trivia questions and the ultimate soundtrack listing - in other words, the whole Lebowski.

Within the pages of this book, you’ll find out how to order a White Russian like an Achiever, how to react when an Asian-American pees on your rug, how to think like a nihilist, and more. You’ll also read interviews with the real-life eccentrics who inspired the film’s main characters, the actors who played them, and the famous siblings who conjured the whole thing up. We’ll throw ourselves into the mix as well, hopping into our own Dude-mobile (a 1972 Plymouth Fury III, complete with rust colorations just like the movie) to journey around the country gathering interviews and anecdotes. We’ll also reveal our own stories about how we came to love the movie and launch Lebowski Fest.

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Bill Green, Ben Peskoe, Will Russell & Scott Shuffitt

While vending t-shirts at a tattoo convention in the summer of 2002, SCOTT SHUFFITT and WILL RUSSELL passed the time by reciting lines from the The Big Lebowski. A few months later, with a handful of signs and a Baptist bowling alley, the wildly successful Lebowski Fest was born.

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