Lemn Sissay

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A searingly honest and striking collection from the poet, talking head and star of Grumpy Old Men

Listener overflows with love poems, inner-city soap operas, reflections on history, mystery and felicity and much more. Every page sings with Sissay’s unique voice - visionary, good-humoured and bursting with life.

“His name is magic, his poems are songs on the street.”

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“Hugely enjoyable, inventive, funny and touching.”

“The product of an imagination that is rare, passionate, committed, occasionally distraught and tender.”
straight No Chaser

“Sissay writes of love, hate, politics and everyday trivia with an accessible, compelling and unusual honesty.”
big Issue

“[Listener] presents on page its very own visual and musical sparkle…”
Mary Mazzilli
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Lemn Sissay

Lemn Sissay (born 1967) is a British poet. He is known for performances of his poetry, solo and also with jazz fusion groups. He is also a journalist, playwright, and presenter, working extensively on radio and television. He appears on the Leftfield album Leftism. He was born in Lancashire, of Ethiopian parents.

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