Binu and the Great Wall of China

Su Tong

Binu and the Great Wall of China by Su Tong (eBook ISBN 9781847676634) book cover

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A magical tale of love and hardship in ancient China, set against the backdrop of the Great Wall

In Peach Village, crying is forbidden. But as a child, Binu never learnt to hide her tears. Shunned by the villagers, she faced a bleak future, until she met Qiliang, an orphan who offered her his hand in marriage.
Then one day Qiliang disappears. Binu learns that he has been transported hundreds of miles and forced to labour on a project of terrifying ambition and scale - the building of the Great Wall.
Binu is determined to find and save her husband. Inspired by her love, she sets out on an extraordinary journey towards Great Swallow Mountain, with only a blind frog for company. What follows is an unforgettable story of passion, hardship and magical adventure.

“The painterly quality of Tong’s words is striking”
the Times

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“A gripping, insightful depiction of the lives of commoners under the Qin Dynasty…A tragic tale of female strength, and, ultimately, love”
time Out

“Tong’s narrative reads more like a fairytale adventure than it does a myth - which seek not just to entertain but to help us make sense of the world…A magical, vast and curious story.”
financial Times

Su Tong

Su Tong is the author of the highly acclaimed Raise the Red Lantern and My Life As Emperor. He was born and lives in China.