Pandora In The Congo

Albert Sánchez Piñol

Pandora In The Congo by Albert Sánchez Piñol (Paperback ISBN 9781847671240) book cover

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A literary take on the Boy’s Own Adventure model - this is Indiana Jones meets Life of Pi

It is 1914. In the heart of the Belgian Congo, Garvey, a bedraggled British manservant, emerges from the jungle. He is the lone survivor of a mining expedition in which both his masters have died, and all of the party’s African porters have fled. With him, he carries two huge diamonds.
From his prison cell in London, Garvey recounts his horrific and thrilling ordeal. Young Tommy Thomson is assigned to transcribe Garvey’s story and only he can untangle the extraordinary mysteries of the Garvey case.

“A literary dynamite charge.”
independent On Sunday

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“Albert Sánchez Piñol is possessed of an exceptional, fecund and devious imagination.”
David Mitchell

the Times

“An action-packed adventure story in the best Rider Haggard tradition and a sophisticated reflection on the imaginative power of literature. Impressive and most unusual.”

“Going into that realm of hyperbolic fabulation where Umberto Eco has long made safari, Pandora in the Congo marks Sanchez Pinol’s emergence as a significant European writer.”
Giles Foden

Albert Sánchez Piñol

Albert Sánchez Piñol was born in Barcelona in 1965. He is an anthropologist, non-fiction writer and novelist writing in Catalan and Castilian Spanish. His first novel, Cold Skin, has been translated into thirty-seven languages, won the Ojo Critico Narrativa prize on its original publication in Catalan in 2003 and is being adapted for film. He is also the author of Pandora in the Congo, among other books.