A Thief in the Temple

Brian Morton

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Reissue of this key biography of Prince, from music journalist and author Brian Morton. Reissued following the death of Prince in April 2016.

Prince Rogers Nelson released his first album in 1978. In the almost 40 years that followed he became a superstar, a recluse, an inspiration, an enigma, a slave and a symbol. He was a master of reinvention, but the one constant in his astonishing career was his genius: as a singer, a songwriter, a performer and musician. He sold more than 100 million albums, won Grammys and an Oscar. His ability to fuse styles and genres made him one of the most unique, influential and beloved artists in music history. In Prince: A Thief in the Temple, music journalist Brian Morton reveals the highs and lows of an incredible musical life.

“Sends you back to the music with fresh ears”

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“Offers up a fascinating album-by-album analysis of how Prince’s revolutionary melding of white rock and black funk and soul has had a profound impact on modern music”

“Far from a conventional biography, this book by journalist, broadcaster and jazz expert Brian Morton is a scholarly critique of Prince’s music in the context of the American canon”
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Brian Morton

Brian Morton was born in Paisley and grew up in New Orleans-on-Clyde, aka Dunoon, where he acquired a lifelong passion for jazz. He taught at university before spending ten years working on The Times and its supplements; he then became a freelance writer and broadcaster, and has had an illustrious career as an arts and music commentator on BBC Radio Scotland and on BBC Radio 3. His publications include The Penguin Guide To Jazz which he co-authors with Richard Cook.

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