The Middle Daughter

Chika Unigwe

The Middle Daughter by Chika Unigwe (Paperback ISBN 9781838857936) book cover

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‘Absorbing and tender … a finely-drawn portrait of a young woman’s resilience in the face of violence and grief’ PAULA HAWKINS

When Nani is only seventeen, she loses her beloved sister and father. Misunderstood by the rest of her family, she is beguiled by an itinerant preacher, a handsome self-proclaimed ‘man of God’ who seems to offer all the answers. But instead of building a better future with him, Nani is forced too soon into a challenging womanhood with an oppressive husband.

Will she find the courage to take charge of her own life and seek true happiness, and at what cost?

“Absorbing and tender, Chika Unigwe’s The Middle Daughter is a finely-drawn portrait of a young woman’s resilience in the face of violence and grief”
Paula Hawkins

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“Moving [and] absorbing”

“Impressive … A multilayered tale like a Greek tragedy”
oprah Daily

The Middle Daughter is an unflinching portrait of a family’s grief and one daughter’s climb out of despair. An absorbing, memorable read”
Ayobami Adebayo

“This novel is about how things fall apart, how cracks form in the heart of the most beautiful things … An emotionally gruelling book to read for the ways it arced Nani’s life along the unfolding of tragic experiences, which, made the ending so much more powerful, affirming, and satisfying”
Ainehi Edoro
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Chika Unigwe

Chika Unigwe is Professor of Creative Writing at Georgia College and the author of several celebrated works of fiction including On Black Sisters’ Street, which won the NLNG Prize for Literature, and most recently the short story collection Better Never Than Late and the novel The Middle Daughter.

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