The Scottish Islands

The Bestselling Guide to Every Scottish Island

Hamish Haswell-Smith

What is the fascination of an island? Why do we experience such a thrill at being surrounded by water, cut off from the rest of mankind, imprisoned on a miniature world
The Scottish Islands by Hamish Haswell-Smith (Hardback ISBN 9781782116783) book cover

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“The acknowledged Rosetta Stone of island hopping” Sunday Times

Fully revised and updated, this is the only book with detailed information and maps on every Scottish island. With the author’s own paintings illustrating it, this beautiful guide will take you everywhere, whether by armchair or yacht.

From the abandoned crofts of Mingulay and the standing stones of Orkney to the white beaches of Colonsay, this is the first complete gazetteer to cover all of Scotland’s many hundreds of islands, including those which are uninhabited and those which are notoriously difficult to reach.

Packed with information on access, anchorages, points of historical or natural interest and things to do and see, this fascinating compendium provides indispensable information for touring, for browsing, for reference, and for all of those travellers who wish to experience some of the most beautiful and remote places in the world.

No other book begins to emulate the range and depth of the information contained in The Scottish Islands. Illustrated with full-colour illustrations and relief maps of all the main islands, this is both an impressive work of reference and a fascinating personal view of Scotland’s distant outposts.

“The definitive guide to Scottish island-hopping.”
sunday Telegraph

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“As a reference source Haswell-Smith’s book is invaluable … a monumental labour of love that communicates the author’s own passion for island hopping and combines it delightfully with his further talents as a painter and artist.”
daily Telegraph

“The best book for tootling around skerries and sea-stacks … this has it all.”

scottish Field

“The island-hopping bible.”
big Issue In Scotland

Hamish Haswell-Smith

Hamish Haswell-Smith, now retired from his own architectural practice, is a qualified yachtmaster who has sailed extensively among the Scottish islands. His sketches and paintings, some of which illustrate the book, have been exhibited in many top British and European galleries.