Hieroglyphics And Other Stories

Anne Donovan

We’d go tae the baths every Saturday morning, Agnes and me. Ah’d watch fae the windae, alang the grey, gluthery street, till ah caught the first glimpse of her red raincoat and blue pixie hat turnin the corner…
Hieroglyphics And Other Stories by Anne Donovan (Paperback ISBN 9781841955193) book cover

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From the Orange- and Whitbread-shortlisted author of Buddha Da

A beautiful collection - charming, witty and touching - these stories give voice to a variety of different characters: from the little girl who wants to look ‘subtle’ for her father’s funeral, a child who has an email pen pal on Jupiter and an old lady who becomes a star through ‘zimmerobics’.

Often writing in a vibrant Glaswegian vernacular, Donovan deftly gives her characters authenticity with a searing power, aided and abetted by tender subtlety.

“Not since Alan Spence came on the scene has anyone written better about childhood and her richly expressive Scots is neither forced nor fey. A page-turner to make you laugh and cry.”
Donny O’rourke

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“Hieroglyphics conjures up spellbinding stories of childhood and change in voices so vibrant they leave you speechless.”
Willy Mally
sunday Herald

“Hieroglyphics and Other Stories is Donovan’s excellent debut collection … Donovan illuminates exactly the dislocations and intensifications that occur within a relationship, whether between lovers or mother and child.”
daily Telegraph

Anne Donovan

Anne Donovan is the author of Being Emily and the prize-winning novel Buddha Da. Buddha Da was shortlisted for the Orange Prize, the Whitbread First Novel Award and the Scottish Book of the Year Award, and was nominated for the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award. It received a Scottish Arts Council Award and won the Le Prince Maurice Award in Mauritius in 2004.

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