The Foghorn Echoes

Danny Ramadan

The Foghorn Echoes by Danny Ramadan (Hardback ISBN 9781838854652) book cover

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1 September 2022

A devastating novel about broken relationships, the promises we’re unable to keep and living with the ghosts of your past

Hussam and Wassim are teenage boys living in Syria during America’s 2003 invasion of Iraq. When a surprise discovery results in tragedy, their lives, and those of their families, are shattered. Wassim promises Hussam his protection, but ten years into the future, he has failed to keep his promise. Wassim is on the streets, seeking shelter from both the city and the civil war storming his country. Meanwhile Hussam, now on the other side of the world, remains haunted by his own ghosts, doing his utmost to drown them out with every vice imaginable.

Split between war-torn Damascus and unforgiving Vancouver, The Foghorn Echoes is a tragic love story about coping with shared traumatic experience and devastating separation. As Hussam and Wassim come to terms with the past, they begin to realise the secret that haunts them is not the only secret that formed them.

“Contemporary, mystical, timeless … The Foghorn Echoes gives me a similar feeling to that which I had with The Kite Runner, of characters haunted by love and hunted by loss, across oceans, timelines and warzones. The story is so specific, yet it speaks of all love. When I finished The Foghorn Echoes, I felt that I had read a fiction which was unquestionably, undeniably true”
Lemn Sissay Author Of My Name Is Why And Gold From The Stone

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“‘Treat your thoughts like hurt children. They haven’t learned yet how to handle pain’. So says a wise ghost in Danny Ramadan’s sweeping and mesmerising story that spans time and mortal space so expertly and elegantly. This is a beautiful novel, written by a once hurt child and loved and deeply admired by another, me”
Alan Cumming

The Foghorn Echoes is a deeply moving book about conflict both internal and external, the ways in which cold accidents - of birth, of place, of time - can leave a human being at war with their own desires, their own sense of self. Danny Ramadan is a gifted, sensitive excavator of the things that break people and put them back together, the past as weight and lightness. In this novel he has created a world of immense sensory and emotional precision, at once true in its living details and yet electric with the presence of ghosts”
Omar El Akkad Author Of What Strange Paradise And American War

The Foghorn Echoes bristles. It burns bright. It shouts into the dark with a voice that hovers between a melody and a lamentation. Danny Ramadan writes in these pages with a spellbinding urgency, stripping bare some of the most painful and fundamental truths about displacement and grief, about rage and betrayal. In the process, he reminds us again and again that even the worst of memories contain redemptive powers. This novel is a tender and impassioned love story for a country, for a people, and for all those who refuse to disappear quietly into the land of the forgotten”
Maaza Mengiste, Author Of The Shadow King, Shortlisted For The 2020 Booker Prize

“I’ve read many stories about love and war. Few have moved me this much. The Foghorn Echoes is marvellous: subtle but dramatic, tender but urgent, and beautifully written. I’ll be thinking about it for a very long time”
Dina Nayeri Author Of The Ungrateful Refugee

Danny Ramadan

Danny Ramadan is an award-winning Syrian-Canadian author, public speaker, storyteller and LGBTQ-refugee activist. His debut novel The Clothesline Swing won the Independent Publisher Book Award for Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Trans Fiction, was shortlisted for the Evergreen Award and the Sunburst Award and was named as a finalist for the Gay Fiction Category in the Lambda Awards. He is also the author of a children’s picture book, Salma the Syrian Chef. Danny also translated Raif Badawi’s 1000 Lashes: Because I Say What I Think and has published two collections of short stories in Arabic. He was awarded the StandOut Award for his social activism, the 2018 RBC’s Top Immigrant in Canada award, and the Bonham Centre Award for Excellency. He lives in Vancouver with his husband.

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