You're An Animal, Viskovitz!

Alessandro Boffa

You're An Animal, Viskovitz! by Alessandro Boffa (Paperback ISBN 9781841954936) book cover

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A parrot who speaks of love, a police dog who’s a Buddhist, a microbe with an inferiority complex, a chameleon hoping to find himself, a scorpion with the fastest sting in the West?
Viskovitz is each of these animals and many more; yet it is the human condition with all its highs and lows which is portrayed in these hilarious metamorphoses. You’re an Animal Viskovitz is a whirlwind of ironic fables, a tour de force of comic inventiveness and intelligence unlike anything that you have read before.

Alessandro Boffa

Alessandro Boffa was born in Moscow. He completed his studies in Biology in Rome, and now divides his time between Italy and Thailand. You’re an Animal, Viskovitz! is his first book.

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