Why We Get Anxious & What We Can Do About It

Tim Clare

Coward by Tim Clare (Hardback ISBN 9781838853105) book cover

Available as Hardback, eBook, Downloadable audio

Blending memoir, self-help and science, and offering practical help, Tim Clare asks us to rethink anxiety

Tim Clare has suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for over a decade. At their worst, his attacks would see him curled on the floor, screaming to his wife for help. When they became more than he and his family could manage, Tim made a promise to himself – he would try everything he could to get better, every method and medicine.

In Coward, Tim Clare explores all the possible treatments for anxiety, from SSRIs to hypnosis, running to extreme diets. He interviews experts and becomes a guinea pig, testing their methods on himself. At the end of a year of many ups and downs, Tim discovers what helps him (and what doesn’t), and what might help others. Most of all, he comes to rethink anxiety and encourages all of us to do the same.

“In a space crowded with arrogant, dogmatic self-help, this is a story which actually delivers something useful. It’s a meditation on the science and purpose of anxiety, its function and the disability it causes. It’s reassuring and funny in equal measure”
Dr Chris Van Tulleken

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“A rigorous, sceptical and jolly account of anxiety, its causes, and how it might be cured”
the Times

“A clever blend of memoir, science and useful advice … what really resonates is his honest account of his own panic attacks and what it is like to try to come off sertraline … a brave and moving book – one that offers lots of practical help”
independent, Books Of The Month

“Fascinating, thought-provoking, vulnerable and generous, Coward is an important book. I wish everyone would read it”
Cathy Rentzenbrink

“Funny, fascinating, brilliant and brave, Coward isn’t a self-help guide to beating anxiety – it’s far more valuable than that”
Melissa Harrison

Tim Clare

Tim Clare is an award-winning writer, poet and creative-writing podcaster. He is the author of We Can’t All Be Astronauts and the novels The Honours and The Ice House. He has performed his work at festivals and clubs across the world, on BBC TV and radio. Tim has also written for the Guardian, Times, Independent and Big Issue, and presents the creative-writing podcast Death Of 1,000 Cuts.

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