A Caledonian Feast

Annette Hope

A Caledonian Feast by Annette Hope (eBook ISBN 9781847674425) book cover

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Introduced by Clarissa Dickson Wright

Scottish cuisine reflects both the richness of the country’s resources and the frugality often imposed on its inhabitants. From the ninth century to the present, from the simplicity of porridge and oatcakes to the gourmet delights of fish and game, this is a fascinating history of Scotland, complete with Annette Hope’s personal collection of authentic recipes.
A Caledonian Feast is widely acknowledged to be the definitive culinary history of Scotland. Immensely readable and informative, it draws upon many strands of Scotland’s literary heritage including works by Scott, Boswell, Smollett and Hogg as well as agriculturalists, social historians and specialist food writers like Marian McNeill. It was shortlisted for Scotland’s premier literary prize, the McVittie’s, and given a Scottish Arts Council award when first published in 1987

“If ever there was a reason to get interested in food history, this account of Scotland at the table is it. Punctilious accuracy, graceful expression, lots of anecdotes and cookable recipes all contribute to an impressive whole…. Scotland on a plate has never been more appetising.”
the Guardian

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“Exceptionally wide-ranging, well-organised and nicely put.”
sunday Times

“A joy to read, tracing the culinary history of Scotland.”
sunday Telegraph

“Excellent reading … a revelation to anyone who believes Scottish gastronomy is all oatmeal and herring. Recipes, sociology, history and anecdote are woven into a plaid of pleasure.”
Derek Cooper
the Listener

Annette Hope

Annette Hope was born in Spain and spent her childhood in France and South Africa. While studying at Edinburgh University she fell in love with Scotland and its people, and Edinburgh has been her home ever since. She is married with three daughters