The Hidden Culture, History and Science of Bisexuality

Julia Shaw

Bi by Julia Shaw (Paperback ISBN 9781786898791) book cover

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A provocative and eye-opening book on the science and history of bisexuality, from the internationally bestselling author and co-host of BBC podcast Bad People


Bi: The Hidden Culture, History and Science of Bisexuality explores all that we know about the world’s largest sexual minority. It is a personal journey that starts with Dr Julia Shaw’s own openly bisexual identity, and celebrates the resilience and beautiful diversity of the bi community. From the hunt for a bi gene, to the relationship between bisexuality and consensual non-monogamy, to asylum seekers who need to prove their bisexuality in a court of law, there is more to explore than most have ever realised.

“Well-researched, cogent and compelling … Shaw is always an engaging guide to the landscape, on everything from the hunt for a bi gene to the sexual habits of giraffes and rams. [She] has achieved what she set out to do: delivered a book that does justice to the important history of bisexuality, bringing the colourful world of bisexual scholarship “out of the shadows””

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“A tour of the science, culture and history of bisexuality that ranges from the vehemently political to the charmingly weird. Shaw celebrates bisexual bonobos, debunks myths about gay giraffes and contends that “starfish should be the mascots for queerness” … The book opens up conversations that might just lead to more visibility, understanding and empathy for all people, however they define themselves. If those conversations could become the latest big thing, we’d all benefit”

“A lively rollercoaster ride through all things bisexual. Full of fascinating facts, up-to-date stats, pop culture references and thoughtful analysis, the book covers everything from bi animals to political scandals, from exclusions in queer spaces to threesomes. Julia writes eloquently and engagingly, sharing moments from her own journey along the way. A must-have for every queer bookcase”
Meg-john Barker
author Of Queer: A Graphic History

“It’s fabulous, brilliantly done, and so important. Julia Shaw has written the Bi bible. The hidden history and public face of millions of people. Fun, moving and skilful all at once”
Professor Andrew Reynolds, Founder Of Queer Politics At Princeton University

“Endlessly illuminating, challenging and compelling. Bi is a vivid and vital read”
Musa Okwonga, Author And Co-host Of The Stadio Podcast

Julia Shaw

Dr Julia Shaw is a criminal psychologist at University College London. She is actively involved in bisexual research, and is the founder of the international Bisexual Research Group. Dr Shaw also has a hit BBC podcast, Bad People, where together with her co-host she uses research to examine some of society’s most pressing issues. She is the author of The Memory Illusion, which was published in 20 languages, and Making Evil, which was a bestseller in Canada and Germany. She lives in London.

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