Rain On The River

Jim Dodge

Rain On The River by Jim Dodge (eBook ISBN 9781847676351) book cover

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Jim Dodge said he would consider publishing a volume of poetry if he lived to the millennium. Happily he did, and Rain on the River is the immediate result - work selected from his Tangram chapbooks, broadsides, and Solstice pieces, accompanied by three dozen new poems.
If you’ve enjoyed his fiction, Dodge’s first collection of poems and short prose offer similar pleasures: a splendid ear for language, great emotional range and subtlety, a sharp eye for the illuminating detail, and a sensibility that encompasses outright hilarity, savage wit, and tender marvel - all made eminently accessible through writing of uncompromising clarity and grace.

“Dodge writes short, zen-like odes that are refreshingly accessible in their simplicity… Rain on the River proves that in addition to Dodge’s amazing talent for plot, his use of language is unequalled.”
dazed And Confused

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“His writing is often as good as writing gets.”
literary Review

“The most imaginative of any living author.”
Kevin Sampson, Author Of Powder

Jim Dodge

Jim Dodge is the author of three novels - Fup, Not Fade Away and Stone Junction - and a collection so poetry and short prose, Rain on the River.
He lives on an isolated ranch in western Sonoma County and has been by turns an apple picker, a carpet layer, a teacher, a professional gambler, a shepherd for five years and a woodcutter. He currently works as an environmental restorer - primarily tree planting, log-jam removal and erosion control.