Flash Count Diary

A New Story About the Menopause

Darcey Steinke

Flash Count Diary by Darcey Steinke (Hardback ISBN 9781786898111) book cover

Available as Hardback, eBook, Downloadable audio

4 July 2019

A brave, brilliant and unprecedented examination of menopause from the author of the cult classic, Suicide Blonde

Menopause hit Darcey Steinke hard. First came hot flushes. Then insomnia. Then depression. As she struggled to understand what was happening to her, she slammed up against a culture of silence and sexism. Some promoted hormone replacement therapy, others encouraged acceptance, but there was little that offered a path to understanding menopause in an engaged way.

Flash Count Diary is a powerful exploration into aspects of menopause that have rarely been written about, including the changing gender landscape that reduced levels of hormones brings, the actualities of transforming desires, and the realities of prejudice against older women. It is a deeply feminist book, honest about the intimations of mortality that menopause signals but also an argument for the ascendency, beauty and power of the post-reproductive years in women’s lives.

“Many days I believe menopause is the new (if long overdue) frontier for the most compelling and necessary philosophy; Darcey Steinke is already there, blazing the way. This elegant, wise, fascinating, deeply moving book is an instant classic. I’m about to buy it for everyone I know”
Maggie Nelson

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“Part memoir, part manifesto, part natural history, this book is a profound white-knuckle ride through unnamed territories”
Jenny Offill, Author Of Dept. Of Speculation

“Meticulously researched and passionately written, Flash Count Diary examines the shame and stigma attached to female aging so closely that their opposites are revealed. Steinke posits menopause as a channel through which new realms of possibility, depth, strength and growth can be revealed. An inspiring and visionary book”
Chris Kraus, Author Of I Love Dick

“Darcey Steinke opens the door on to the dark, frightening and lonely room where the Menopause has long resided and draws it into the sun, into the light. It’s a book for all women (and men), written with brilliance, imagination, humanity, lucidity and love”
Juliet Stevenson

“For what Darcey Steinke has just taught me about my own body – all of our bodies – I will love her eternally. After reading bits of Flash Count Diary aloud to my twelve-year-old, she confided in me, “I can’t wait for menopause.” This fearless and fiercely intelligent book needs to be read by every woman, man and child as it explores and explodes ideas about aging, desire, our wildness and our wonder”
Samantha Hunt, Author Of The Invention Of Everything Else

Darcey Steinke

Darcey Steinke is the author of five novels including Sister Golden Hair, Jesus Saves, Up Through the Water, Milk and Suicide Blonde, and a memoir Easter Everywhere. Her books have been translated into ten languages.

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