A Corruption of Blood

Ambrose Parry

A Corruption of Blood by Ambrose Parry (Paperback ISBN 9781786899897) book cover

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Family secrets, sinister murders, a divided Edinburgh – the next thrilling medical mystery in the historical crime series featuring duo Will Raven and Sarah Fisher


A Raven and Fisher Mystery: Book 3

Edinburgh, 1850. This city will bleed you dry.

Sarah Fisher is keeping a safe distance from her old flame Dr Will Raven. Having long worked at the side of Dr James Simpson, she has set her sights on learning to practise medicine herself. A notion everyone seems intent on dissuading her from.

Across town, Raven finds himself drawn into Edinburgh’s mire when a package containing human remains washes up on the shores of Leith, and an old adversary he has long detested contacts him, pleading for Raven’s help to escape the hangman.

Sarah and Raven’s lives seem indelibly woven together as they discover that wealth and status cannot alter a fate written in the blood.

“A real slow burner of a novel which is a marvellous tale of murder and deception in Victorian Edinburgh. It handles some difficult subject matter with sensitivity and care and has a real feeling of authenticity”
bloody Scotland, Mcilvanney Prize Shortlist

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“The ambience of mid-nineteenth-century Edinburgh is well captured and makes for a gripping read. The authors are astute observers of human behaviour and outlook. The three novels in the trilogy are clearly well researched and shine a light on the cruelties, injustices and inequalities of the period described … Based on some actual events it’s more than mere entertainment”

“[A] stellar third whodunit set in nineteenth-century Edinburgh … The integration of real history enhances a page-turning plot”
publishers Weekly (starred Review)

“Another brilliant evocation of mid-nineteenth century Scotland, this series just gets better and better. The backstory of the characters, loves, careers and ambitions, is as riveting as the mystery … A mix of drama, romance and thriller”
nb Magazine

”Praise for the series: Parry’s Victorian Edinburgh comes vividly alive – and it’s a world of pain”
Val Mcdermid

Ambrose Parry

Ambrose Parry is the penname for two very different authors – the internationally bestselling and multi-award-winning Chris Brookmyre and consultant anaesthetist of twenty years’ experience, Dr Marisa Haetzman. Inspired by the gory details Haetzman uncovered during her History of Medicine degree, the couple teamed up to write a series of historical crime thrillers, featuring the darkest of Victorian Edinburgh’s secrets. They are married and live in Scotland.

Both The Way of All Flesh and The Art of Dying were shortlisted for the McIlvanney Prize for Scottish Crime Book of the Year. A Corruption of Blood is the third Raven and Fisher Mystery.