L.A. Woman

Eve Babitz

L.A. Woman by Eve Babitz (Paperback ISBN 9781786892768) book cover

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A glittering coming-of-age tale set in ’70s Los Angeles

Sophie, a twenty-something Jim Morrison groupie gliding through a golden existence in L.A., and Lola, a German immigrant who has settled in Hollywood, know that while Los Angeles is constantly changing, it is essentially eternal. The two women dazzle – one with the promises of youth, the other with the fulfilment of nostalgia – as they wend their way through the pink sunsets and the palm trees of Los Angeles.

Living out their addictively decadent lives, Sophie and Lola are cult writer Babitz’s literary embodiment of the iconic L.A. Woman – more than in part inspired by her own wild and hedonistic youth.

“Praise for Sex & Rage: As cool, sharp and delicious as a perfectly executed Mint Julep. Babitz writes with wit and clarity – and always, always with a whole lot of heart”
Elizabeth Day

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“Babitz writes like no one else, but if she sounds like anyone, it is Nora Ephron writing songs for Lana del Rey. Sex & Rage is seductive, funny and infuriating – it’s a slacker siren song, a novel about writers and writing and a heavenly holiday to ’70s LA all at once”
Daisy Buchanan

“Pure pleasure – a perpetual-motion machine of no-stakes elation and champagne fizz”
new Yorker

“Babitz’s style is cool, conversational, loose, yet weighted with a seemingly effortless poetry”

“Gritty, glamorous, toxic and intoxicating”
the New York Times

Eve Babitz

Eve Babitz was born and grew up in Hollywood. She began to write in 1972 after designing album covers for such artists as Linda Ronstadt, Buffalo Springfield, The Byrds and Lord Buckley. Her articles and short stories have appeared in Vogue, Rolling Stone, Esquire and The New York Times Book Review.