Man Alive

A True Story of Violence, Forgiveness and Becoming a Man

Thomas Page McBee

The truth is, this is a ghost story. No, this is an adventure story. This is an adventure story about how I quit being a ghost
Man Alive by Thomas Page McBee (Paperback ISBN 9781786890887) book cover

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A wry, tender memoir by one of the leading voices on transition and masculinity

If he is to become a man, what sort of man should Thomas Page McBee be?

To find out, McBee must confront the suffering he has endured at the hands of men: the abuse he endured as a child from his father, and the violent mugging which almost killed him as an adult. Standing at the brink of the life-changing decision to transition from female to male, McBee seeks to understand these examples of flawed manhood, and reclaim his body on his own terms.

Powerful, uplifting and profound, Man Alive is a story about transformation; about freedom, and love, and finding the strength to rebuild ourselves as the people we are meant to be.

“Thomas Page McBee writes about manhood - in all its danger and damaged allure - more beautifully and with greater nuance than any other writer I know. Man Alive is a brilliant, necessary book”
Garth Greenwell, Author Of What Belongs To You

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“Literate and witty … Valuable and engaging”
new Statesman

“A sweet, tender hurt of a memoir … about forgiveness and self-discovery, but mostly it’s about love, so much love. McBee takes us in his capable hands and shows us what it takes to become a man who is gloriously, gloriously alive”
Roxane Gay, Author Of Bad Feminist

“Reading Man Alive is like sitting with someone uncurling his hands, then holding them out to you, open, so that you can behold all the hard-won strength, insight, agility, and love to be found there”
Maggie Nelson, Author Of The Argonauts

“Empathy is McBee’s objective, the most important part of becoming real in one’s own eyes … we are born human; with hard work, we achieve humanity”
new York Times

Thomas Page McBee

Thomas Page McBee was ‘masculinity expert’ for Vice and the first trans man ever to box at Madison Square Garden. His essays and reportage have appeared in the New York Times, Playboy, Glamour, and Salon.