The Fortunate Brother

Donna Morrissey

You remember what I says. You’re the fortunate one. You still gets to be with us for a bit longer. The other one—well, he’s watching on, somewhere
The Fortunate Brother by Donna Morrissey (Paperback ISBN 9781786890603) book cover

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A rich and compelling novel about murder in a claustrophobic Newfoundland community from internationally-bestselling and award-winning novelist Donna Morrissey

When a man is found stabbed and floating beneath the cliffs of the Newfoundland coast, the small outpost of Hampden is swept up in a storm of suspicion and paranoia.Grief-stricken and still struggling to cope with the death of one of their own a year earlier, the troubled Now family are among the first to be suspected of the killing. As the mystery around the murdered man unfolds, the lies spiral, the stakes rise and the once close-knit town becomes a prison that no one can escape.

“This novel gives all of the pleasure of a first-rate murder mystery, but its memorable characters and sublime language make The Fortunate Brother one of the very best novels I have read in years”
Ron Rash, Author Of Serena

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“Donna Morrissey is one of Canada’s finest writers. And this novel might very well be her most powerful to date … I can’t recommend this book highly enough”
Joseph Boyden, Author Of Three Day Road

“Rich and compelling”
lucky Break

Donna Morrissey

Donna Morrissey is the award-winning author of six novels. Her novel Sylvanus Now was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize, and she was nominated for a Gemini Award for the film Clothesline Patch.
Morrissey is from The Beaches, a small fishing outport in Newfoundland, and now lives in Halifax, Canada.