Albert Einstein Speaking

If everybody lived a life like mine, there would be no need for novels
Albert Einstein Speaking by R.J. Gadney (eBook ISBN 9781786890481) book cover

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This unique, funny, warm and moving novel spans an entire lifetime, and tells the story of the most famous man of the twentieth century: Albert Einstein

Princeton. New Jersey.
14th March 1954

‘Albert Einstein speaking.’
‘Who?’ asks the girl on the telephone.
‘I’m sorry,’ she says. ‘I have the wrong number.’
‘You have the right number,’ Albert says.

From a wrong number to a friendship that would impact both their lives, Albert Einstein Speaking begins with two unlikely friends - the world’s most respected scientist and a schoolgirl from New Jersey. From their first conversation Mimi Beaufort had a profound effect on Einstein and brought him, in his final years, back to life. In turn he let her into his world.

Albert Einstein Speaking is the story of an incredible friendship, and of a remarkable life. The son of an electrician in nineteenth-century Germany, Albert Einstein went on to become one of the twentieth century’s most influential scientists and the most famous face in the world. This riotous, charming and moving novel spans almost a century of European history and shines a light on the real man behind the myth.

“Out of this well-documented life, R.J. Gadney has conjured, with an accomplished novelist’s art, a strange and luminous fiction, a literary gem beautifully and cunningly poised between historical truth and the warmly imagined. Its finale is deeply affecting”
Ian Mcewan

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“An informative and unsettling portrait of a great man and his times”

“Enchanting … A model of its kind; concise, funny and vivid”
times Literary Supplement

“Engrossing … An intriguing addition to the canon of fictionalised biography … Impressive”
evening Standard

“Curious, engrossing … A blend of fiction and fact, written in the urgent present tense, it uses Einstein’s life to look at the times he lived through, and vice versa”

R.J. Gadney was a writer, artist and academic. He was born in Cross Hills, Yorkshire in 1941. He studied English, Fine Art and Architecture at St. Catharine’s College, Cambridge. In 1970 he became a part-time Tutor at the Royal College of Art and later became the youngest Pro-Rector in the history of the College. He lectured at both Oxford and Cambridge universities, Harvard, MIT, at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, and at the Academy of Arts and Sciences in Moscow. He wrote several screenplays for television, wrote for The Spectator, the London Magazine and the Evening Standard and authored several crime and thriller novels. He died in May 2018.