Recipes for Love and Murder

A Tannie Maria Mystery

Sally Andrew

RECIPE FOR MURDER: Throw all the ingredients into a big pot and simmer slowly, stirring with a wooden spoon for a few years. Add the ducks, chillies and brandy towards the end and turn up the heat
Recipes for Love and Murder by Sally Andrew (Paperback ISBN 9781782116486) book cover

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‘Detection, recipes and a cracking mystery set in South Africa make this an irresistible, page-turning debut novel’ Woman and Home on Book One in the Tannie Maria mystery series

‘Vivid, amusing and immensely enjoyable … A triumph’ Alexander McCall Smith

Meet Tannie Maria: the loveable writer of recipes in her local paper, the Klein Karoo Gazette.

One Sunday morning, as Maria stirs apricot jam, she hears her editor Harriet on the stoep. What Maria doesn’t realise is that Harriet is about to deliver a whole basketful of challenges and the first ingredient in two new recipes - recipes for love and murder.

A delicious blend of intrigue, milk tart and friendship, join Tannie Maria in her first investigation. Consider your appetite whetted for a whole new series of mysteries …

“A vivid, amusing and immensely enjoyable read. A triumph”
Alexander Mccall Smith

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“Detection, recipes and a cracking mystery set in South Africa make this an irresistable, page-turning debut novel”
woman And Home

“Thriller of the Month”
good Housekeeping

“Chock full of good food and interesting characters”
Kerry Greenwood

“Funny and sweet … The story includes recipes - and has a pleasing bite”
Cathy Rentzenbrink
the Bookseller, Fiction Editor’s Choice

Sally Andrew

Sally Andrew lives in a mud-brick house on a nature reserve in the Klein Karoo, with her man and other wildlife (including a giant eland and a secretive leopard). She is the author of Recipes for Love and Murder, Book 1 in the Tannie Maria Mystery series and The Satanic Mechanic, Book 2 in the Tannie Maria Mystery series.
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