The Supernotes Affair

Agent Kasper & Luigi Carletti

He’s called Kasper. He’s an Italian prisoner. Kasper has been his code name for a long time, his battle name in a life filled with battles. Now his only battle is to stay alive
The Supernotes Affair by Agent Kasper, Luigi Carletti (Paperback ISBN 9781782115731) book cover

Available as Paperback, eBook

Based on a true story, this is the international bestseller about the agent who had to die

Agent Kasper is kidnapped in Cambodia whilst on a mission for the CIA to investigate counterfeit money schemes. He is supposed to disappear forever. Because Kasper has uncovered something so terrible, so explosive and so damaging that the intelligence service he works for wants him dead.

When Kasper finds himself in the appalling squalor of one of the world’s most notorious prison camps near Phnom Penh, the corrupt guards sent to execute him spot an opportunity and wonder - is Kasper worth more alive?

A page-turning and nail-biting read, The Supernotes Affair tells the sensational story of an innocent man’s determination to survive.

Agent Kasper & Luigi Carletti

Agent Kasper is a half-Italian and half-American former secret agent. He was one of the most effective operatives of Italy’s secret services. A jet pilot, skydiver, Krav Maga instructor and firearms instructor, he now lives on a farm outside Rome and runs his own martial arts studio.

Luigi Carletti is a journalist and writer.