Mind Over Money

The Psychology of Money and How To Use It Better

Claudia Hammond

To allow money to help us lead a good life and create a good society (which it can do), we need a better understanding of our psychological relationship with the stuff
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This fascinating and practical guide by the award-winning Radio 4 presenter will revolutionise the way you think about money

Why is it good to be grumpy if you want to avoid getting ripped off?
Why do we think coins are bigger than they really are?
Why is it a mistake to choose the same lottery numbers every week?

Join award-winning psychologist and BBC Radio 4 presenter Claudia Hammond as she delves into big and small questions around the surprising psychology of money. Funny, insightful and eye-opening, Mind Over Money will change the way you think about the cash in your pocket and the figures in your bank account forever.

“Claudia Hammond is the ideal tour guide for this hugely enjoyable journey through the strange psychology of spending and saving. Mind Over Money is both a fascinating exploration of the ways money messes with our heads, and a practical guidebook for how to avoid getting fleeced - whether by others or our own irrational minds”
Oliver Burkeman

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“Part fascinating psychological exploration, part practical guide - exposing the myriad ways money messes with our heads and suggesting means by which we might get a handle on it”

“Interesting and insightful … Hammond marshals a battery of psychological experiments to show us how to spend (and save) more wisely”
sunday Times

“An approachable and very practical field guide”
new York Times

“Entertaining, evidence-based advice on how to maintain a healthy relationship with cash, rather than letting it rule your life”
harper’s Bazaar

Claudia Hammond

Claudia Hammond is an award-winning writer, broadcaster and psychology lecturer. She is BBC Radio 4’s voice of psychology, presenting All in the Mind and Mind Changers. She has been awarded the British Psychological Society’s Public Engagement and Media Award, Mind’s Making a Difference Award, the Society of Personality and Social Psychology’s Media Achievement Award and the British Neuroscience Association’s Public Understanding of Neuroscience Award. She is the author of Emotional Rollercoaster, Time Warped, winner of the British Psychological Society Best Popular Science Book Award 2013, and Mind Over Money.

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