Gone Bamboo

Anthony Bourdain

Gone Bamboo by Anthony Bourdain (Paperback ISBN 9781786895196) book cover

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From the bestselling author of Kitchen Confidential comes another sensational thriller

Welcome to the retirement home of Henry and Frances, ex-New Yorkers and professional assassins: a luxury hotel suite in an idyllic, tequila-drenched Caribbean hideaway.It’s supposed to be all cocktails and sex on the beach. But when a job icing a Mafioso godfather goes awry, trouble hits paradise … in the form of a cross-dressing capo, a debauched Irish hard man and a slew of incompetent but vicious US marshals.

“A caper of murder and mayhem that reads like Carl Hiaasen on holiday with Elmore Leonard and goes out with a bang like a tequila slammer”
the Times

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“A sparkling read”
daily Telegraph

“Sharp and funny - if it’s gangster rap you want to read then Bourdain is your man”
daily Express

“A cross between The Sopranos and Baywatch

“This wise-cracking, snappy tale refreshes like a Caribbean breeze”

Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain was a world-renowned chef, travelling the world for his Emmy Award-winning series Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. He was the bestselling author of Kitchen Confidential. His fiction titles include Bone in the Throat and Bobby Gold. He died on 8 June 2018.