Tao Lin

It would take her thousands of steps to get anywhere, but she would get there easily, and when she arrived, in the present, it would seem like it had been a single movement that brought her there
Taipei by Tao Lin (Paperback ISBN 9781782111856) book cover

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From one of this generation’s most talked about young writers comes a novel about failed relationships, drug-induced depression, marriage, and death

At some point, maybe twenty minutes after he’d begun refreshing Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Gmail in a continuous cycle - with an ongoing, affectless, humorless realisation that his day ‘was over’ - he noticed with confusion, having thought it was early morning, that it was 4:46PM

Taipei is an ode - or lament - to the way we live now. Following Paul from New York, where he comically navigates Manhattan’s art and literary scenes, to Taipei, Taiwan, where he confronts his family’s roots, we see one relationship fail, while another is born on the internet and blooms into an unexpected wedding in Las Vegas.

From one of this generation’s most talked-about and enigmatic writers comes a deeply personal and uncompromising novel about memory, love, and what it means to be alive.

“The most interesting prose stylist of his generation”
Bret Easton Ellis

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“Lin’s writing is reminiscent of early Douglas Coupland, or early Bret Easton Ellis, but there is also something going on here that is more profoundly peculiar, even Beckettian … deliciously odd”

“Moving and necessary, not to mention frequently hilarious”
Miranda July, Author Of No One Belongs Here More Than You

“Lin is a 21st century literary adventurer … [Taipei] is a fascinating book, bone dry, repellant, painful, but relentlessly true to life”
Frederick Barthelme, Author Of Waveland

“A Kafka for the iPhone generation … Tao Lin may well be the most important writer under thirty working today”
Clancy Martin

Tao Lin

Tao Lin is the author of the novels Richard Yates and Eeeee Eee Eeee, the novella Shoplifting from American Apparel, the story collection Bed, and the poetry collections cognitive-behavioral therapy and you are a little bit happier than i am. He is the founder and editor of the literary press Muumuu House. His work has been translated to twelve languages and he lives in Manhattan.

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