An Argument for Home Rule

Alasdair Gray

Independence by Alasdair Gray (Paperback ISBN 9781782111696) book cover

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A polemic on the case for Scottish independence by the writer, artist, thinker and cultural icon, Alasdair Gray

Gray argues that a truly independent Scotland will only ever exist when people in every home, school, croft, farm, workshop, factory, island, glen, town and city feel that they too are at the centre of the world.

Independence asks whether widespread social welfare is more possible in small nations such as Norway and New Zealand than in big ones like Britain and the U.S.A. It describes the many differences between Scotland and England. It examines the people who choose to live north of the border. It shows Scotland’s relevance to the rest of the world. It attempts to conjure a vision of how a Scots parliament might benefit the people of this small but dynamic nation. And it tells how democracy will only truly succeed when every person believes that their vote will make a difference.

“A necessary genius”
Ali Smith

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“One of the most gifted writers to have put pen to paper in the English language”
Irvine Welsh

“A great writer, perhaps the greatest writer living in Britain today”
Will Self

“If Scotland chooses independence, Gray will have been one of its unacknowledged legislators. He writes about his culture with universal resonance”

Alasdair Gray

Since 1981, when Alasdair Gray’s first novel (Lanark: A Life in Four Books) was published by Canongate, he has published twenty books, most of them novels and short stories. In his own words, ‘Alasdair Gray is a fat, spectacled, balding, increasingly old Glaswegian pedestrian who has mainly lived by writing and designing books, most of them fiction.