My Biggest Lie

Luke Brown

My Biggest Lie by Luke Brown (Paperback ISBN 9781782110408) book cover

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‘Smart, zingy and extremely funny, this is a real treat’ PAUL MURRAY

Liam has it all. A job he enjoys, a glamorous lifestyle and a girlfriend he is madly in love with. But after one night out he loses everything and finds himself on a plane to Buenos Aires. There he hopes to write the world’s longest and truest love letter to the one person who still matters to him.

“Smart, zingy and extremely funny, this is a real treat”
Paul Murray, Author Of Skippy Dies

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“Captures the sun-soaked sexiness of the city … and the hazy drug that is desire better than anything I have read in years”
Jenn Ashworth

“I loved this book! It is wickedly funny and razor sharp but has a warmth and tenderness that is hard to resist”
Catherine O’flynn, Author Of What Was Lost

“A scintillating, intelligent and uproariously funny trip into the excesses of storytelling”
big Issue

“It’s rare to find writing so lucid and honest at once, and in a book where pages turn themselves. I grabbed this for its mad adventure, but came away with a gift for the heart”
Dbc Pierre, Author Of Vernon God Little

Luke Brown

Luke Brown was born and grew up in Lancashire and now lives in London. My Biggest Lie is his first novel.